Hi there,
Lizzy Kartchner here and welcome to my scrapbooking site, Paper Party! For years I’ve wanted a site dedicated just for scrapbooking: my true love. ; )
A place to share ideas. A place to share details about my Dear Lizzy products. And, most importantly, a place to be inspired by you!

Every Wednesday, beginning February, Lizzy or another party animal will post a challenge or a catalyst for a project. You will have the week to work on something and post your project to your blog or facebook. Then link here at Paper Party to your project. We call this our “Linky Party.”  We then can be inspired by everyone’s projects and ideas. A big, fat scrap party.


Connecting with other scrapbookers is completely inspiring… Suddenly someone else gets why we take photos of everything, why we can’t wait to get that new Crate product, why we squeal with excitement to meet an online friend in person, why we lug around a tote full of supplies, why we love paper and glue, why we never have enough thickers, why it’s tragic when we don’t have an “e” to finish that perfect title on a page, why each Glue Dot is round piece of heaven, why we stay up until the wee hours of the morning to finish the page of your daughter’s birthday party, why we are never caught up completely. Why we create endless albums full of pages telling our life story.

This is why I am excited for Paper Party. Each week you can post a recent project in the Linky Party and we can be inspired by each other.

Here is an example of what the ‘Linky Party’ looks like:


You’re invited to our Linky Party every Wednesday… See you then!!



Lizzy & the Paper Party Team