03 Jan 2013

How to: Dye Bottle Brush Trees

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If you love misting then you will love this project. I shared all the details over at my Dear Lizzy blog on how to make these colorful bottle brush trees.
Check out the video tutorial as well!

01 Dec 2012

No 4: You Are Loved Mini Book

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This book is for the baby so it’s the perfect place to share when I first found out and when I told Collin.
My story is not as exciting as Collin’s. I found out in the bathroom after taking a pregnancy test. Sat there for a few minutes and then freaked out… laughing squealing like a crazy person. I didn’t tell Collin for several days because we were going on a trip with just us and I wanted to tell him in a fun way. I love a good secret so it was quite fun to be the only one who knew even for a little while.

I told Collin on our mini vacation to LA with no kids … We had just gotten off the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. It was incredible weather, we were holding hands looking over the water and a pregnant girl walked by and I just had a feeling it was time. He was shocked. Tears, laughing, lots of “Are you serious???!!! Are you kidding me?!” That was fun! haha



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04 Sep 2012

Clipboard Inspiration

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My most recent release, 5th & Frolic, includes some darling clipboards! Some are embellished, some are plain and some contain lines for journaling. Hanging in my home and in my office you will find clipboards. I love dressing them up or using them to organize.

Here are some of my products that have clipboards in my most recent release. There are Bits (pieces of cardstock that can be written on or embellished, a darling sticker and stamp. My favorite is the paper!
We hung clipboards in our booth at CHA to continue the theme.

23 Aug 2012

Dear Lizzy Jar Inspiration

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When we were working on my fourth collection: Neapolitan I was searching for a new icon that hadn’t been used much before or ever. There are jars lining a shelf in my office, for my birthday we made cakes in a jar and there are so many ways I’m inspired by jars in my life. When Jennifer, my designer, added some jar elements it flowed really well with what we had already designed and was a cool addition to the line. The Jar stamp is one of my favorites because you can stamp the jar outline and fill with the small icon options: heart, flower, star and strawberry. Or “thanks a bunch” and some dictionary type is also included in that set. There is also a jar patterned paper and some jar pieces in the chipboard set.
Here are some pages and a card that I spotted using one of my Dear Lizzy jars.
Lisa Truesdell often proves that my Dear Lizzy products work with boy pages as well and I love that! When I am designing products there is usually pink in the line but I make a conscious effort to include papers and pieces that would work for boys or girls. This page is an example of that. She used the jar polaroid and other polaroids from one of my papers and added her own photo inside one of the squares. She also used a couple of my patterened papers including the music note paper and the random elements paper. Thanks Lisa!
I love this page for its simplicity and artistic vibe. The minimal colors and white space make the message stand out. Neroliskye

This page is fulll of details and you keep searching it for little surprises. I love how she added one of my chipboard bows to my chipboard jar. She used primarily Dear Lizzy Neapolitan on this page including papers, thickers and wood buttons. She added the cute twine around my epoxy & wood buttons. How cute are those balloons she fashioned?! Thanks Jill Sprott


The design of this page caught my eye with the photos on the left and the grouping of cute things on the right. She added some fun little pieces of goodies throughout. I love how she attached the stickers with foam squares so they have a little more pop. Same with the Happy Chipboard flag and balloons. Another small detail is my ruffle paper peeking out on the right. Adding  a nice pop of color. Beautiful page by Jaime Warren

This page by my friend Stephanie is so sweet! I love how simple the design so the picture stands out… as well as the jar. The base of the page is using my woodgrain chevron. She added some of my fringe ribbon and epoxy stickers as well. Stephanie Howell

This card is darling! I love the jar with the butterflies. Also the cute diecut alphabet in kraft is a nice touch with the pastel colors. You’re adorable Justlulu

22 Aug 2012

Dear Lizzy Ruffle Paper

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It was all a bit surreal and random when I started designing my own scrapbooking products. I think it went something like this…

American Crafts: “What are you up to lately?”

Me: Nothing really. Just finished a book.

American Crafts “We should collarborate on something.”

Me: “Yeah, that’d be cool.”

 and that was that. We jumped right in and I released my first line at the Winter 2009 CHA. Since then I have done 5 lines and I started on my 6th collection this past week. Balancing colors and patterns and finding new ideas for products is something that I enjoy doing at home when I scrapbook, so it’s a dream to get to do this at work designing products.

I’m excited to have this blog to share more of the details of my products and how to use them.
First up, one of my favorite products that I concepted and was so happy when it was able to be produced and manufactured is the ruffle paper. I still can’t get over it. I love it so much. A paper of ruffles? Who doesn’t?
Cake: Unknown/Duvet: KikiComin/Dress: Jcrew

I was inspired by fashion and home decor items and wasn’t sure if it could translate to paper but it did. The only hang up was the color. We wanted a more gradual ombre effect but since that couldn’t pan out we took what we could and happy with the outcome. It’s such a unique product and there’s nothing out there like it! There are so many ways to use it on craft projects, cards and scrapbooking layouts.

Here are some layouts that caught my eye of different ways to use the ruffle paper. 

1 Cut a stripe of ruffle paper and attach as a border under your patterned paper. Kelly Noel

2 Cut the ruffle paper into strips and attach to center of page. Tina Azmus


3 Another great way to use ruffle paper is as a base of your page. Use masks and spray mists to add your own unique design. Kelly Purkey


4 Use the ruffle paper as a frame to your layout. Wilna 

20 Aug 2012

Mini Albums are my fave

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The top book I made for my husband’s birthday. I ripped apart a vintage book and added a ring binder system. Everyone who came to the party filled out a questionnaire and took a polaroid picture and added it to a library pocket.


The next album cover is for our trip to Mexico this summer. I love this album and can’t wait to share the inside.

27 Jun 2012

Party Designers: Stephanie Howell

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Stephanie is a mama to four little girls and (for now) she lives in Rhode Island. Her life is one big adventure because she is married to her real-life hero (and action figure) Jimmy. He is in the army and each year brings something (and somewhere) new. Her mantra is “you have to laugh because if you don’t you’ll cry.”…and laugh she does.

Stephanie is the social media director for My Mind’s Eye. She believes that scrapbooking should not be taken too seriously. It should always be FUN. She spends most of her days chasing her twin toddlers, tying ponytails, picking up Barbies, and doing pink loads of laundry. Scrapbooking is her escape. Her blog

I scrapbook because I love it. I scrapbook because it allows me to record precious moments and fleeting memories. I scrapbook because it is my sanity and creative release. I scrapbook because I love pretty supplies. I scrapbook because I’d be miserable if I didn’t. It’s my saving grace.

30 Nov 2011

Party Designers: Wilna Furstenberg

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My name is Wilna Furstenberg. (Wilna pronounced with a V) Let me tell you some of my story. I grew up in South Africa, in 1991 I met and married Jaco. When we got married, he was second year medical school and a year into the marriage, I decided to go to University as well (he was having way too much fun) and we both graduated in 1996: he in medicine and me in fine arts. In 1997 we had our first girl, Tia. Even today we wonder what we did to deserve such a sweet child. Of course I tell my husband she takes after me. His response to that remark was not very gentlemanly (which just proves my point). Anyway, in 1999 Kirstin was born. She is the organizer and fashionista in the house. She also has the sunniest personality ever. Jana (from our names JAco and wilNA) is our last born. I think if I was not as strong willed as I am, Jana would have her own credit card and cell phone at age 5. In 2005 we immigrated to Canada. It’s not a joke that the only reason I came willingly was to enter the CK scrapbooking hall of fame. And in 2006 I won HOF. After that I have just been making pages and enjoying the journey. We live in Saskatchewan: it really gets very cold here (-40 degrees celsius). Jana learned early on not to lick the fencepost when it’s that cold. We have two adorable Mini schnauzers. Abby and Mac. Yes, i love everything Mac (make-up, computers and the dog).  A last few facts about me: I homeschool our girls. It’s one of the best things I ever decided to do…i love it! I am a nerd and a bit of a geek. I love coffee, cooking and zumba… (in that order). I love taking photos. I blog. Currently I am a garden girl at 2peas.
Much Love!

I scrapbook because it’s my daily gratitude journal. My prayer journal. My creative outlet, my visual poetry, my dreams documented and looking back, the container of my tears.

29 Nov 2011

Party Designer: Anna-Maria Wolniak

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I am a little, Renaissance person who by a total coincidence has found herself in the middle of commercial Europe. I live in central Poland, not too far away from the seaside, quite close to the mountains. I am a Slavic soul, spiced with Mediterranean temperament, strengthened with Western courage, garnished with a Northern European type of beauty. Everything is so near, though distant at the same time, with common sense, moderation, tidiness, realistic view on the world and its issues scarcely being on my way. This is what I?m like, undefined. In terms of education, I was studied in the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. Out of choice, I am a mother to an almost 6-year-old son Jaś, a wife to a wonderful and terribly handsome man, and a mistress of a cosy, though tiny, flat on the 7th floor of a skyscraper.Even few years ago scrapbooking was only a part of my rtistic activity, this trivial section, which I practiced just because I wanted to archivise some moments of my life. Quickly it developed in one of my passions, and how it came out not long ago – way of life. One thing that haven’t changes is that I’m still doing it for pleasure.Currently I cooperate with some scrapbooking companies, I am a member of a French group Entre{ART}istes and a coowner of a first Polish scrapbooking company – I {lowe} SCRAP. Now I have the honour of being a memebr of my dreamy Dear Lizzy!Besides scrapbooking I also design papers for ILS, write articles, I am a teacher and travel all over the Europe with my scrapbooking workshops – I adore this job!

xo, Anna-Maria
My blog  My FaceBook


Scrapbooking is an adventure started about five years ago when my son was celebrating his first birthday. I got him a scrapbooking album as a gift and began to fill it with photos ? it engrossed me so much that it became my passion; that was also the moment when I started writing my blog. I scrapbook because this is the best solution between my artsy interest and dreamy job. I just love to make it and I can’t find the proper words why this is so amazing – I just FEEL it inside and I have to give it to others using the way of scrapbook.