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13 Feb 2013

Valentines Layout: color concept with Lizzy

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Since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day I thought I’d share this layout I made for my Two Peas Garden Girl project. It took me longer than I had hoped to get the title right. But I love the quote, “You have my whole heart for my whole life” and I wanted to diecut it with my Silhouette Cameo somewhere on the layout. I tried other patterned papers and color combinations and finally realized that I am definitely drawn to more white on my projects.

I diecut the quote and three hearts below it. I backed the three hearts with patterned paper. I used a punch to punch out the larger hearts below those. Then added some stitching to ground those hearts. The small triangle paper is from my newest Lucky Charm collection that should we available online soon. If you are interested in the cut file let me know. xo, Lizzy

I love messy stamping so I stamped with the arrow then did a few more until the ink fades away. Same with my date stamp.

I wanted the color combination to be light and airy with the mint and the white then a pop of color. I chose red for obvious reasons as well as a black and white stripe and some turquoise. I used the gallon, quart pint concept for this layout. The gallon of color is white, quart is blue and the pint is red. It helps the layout to feel balanced and the page to really pop. I also chose pictures where the pint of color was displayed so the photos stood out as well. Thanks for looking!
xo, Lizzy

12 Feb 2013

Layering with Anna-Maria

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Layering tips and tricks with Anna-Maria


Hi everybody! Last time I wrote a few words about creating layers using papers and embellishments. This time – as I promised you it before – I will concentrate on a simple watercolour media layers. This will be very subtle and delicate effect.
If you want to try you will need watercolour paint or custom mists, colour inks or Faber-Catell gellos – anything you have will be enough to try and decide do you like this technic or not.

You can use the watercolours directly on your paper but I encourage you to prepare a simple gesso base sefore you start. It’s not such difficult as it appers. You just have to spread a little bit of gesso or white acrylic paint here and there near your photo and leave it till it dry. The next step is more complicated and I will focus on it in this article.

THE EFFECT OF SMUDGY, DIFFUSED COLOURS. If you want to achieve the effect of lap-dissolving, fluently penetrating colours, you should first apply a significant amount of water onto the paper; when the base is still wet, dip the brush into the paint and gently apply it on the paper; subsequently the paint itself begins to spread on the wet surface. Next to what you have just painted, just before it dries, apply another colour using the same technique. To avoid melting of the two applied colours you should wait until the first one dries a bit before laying the other one (it might get useful when, for example, we want to match the blue paint with the yellow one, avoiding the final effect of green).

As you can observe on my page – the effect is very gentle, almost invisible. I create this layout using a lot of paper layers and some mixed-media ones. I added my favourite Dear Lizzy ‘5th & Frolic’ stickers and other papers and embellishments in pale palette which suits perfect to this line.

OK, so this is what I prepared for you today. Next time I will add some other watercolour techincs for you. I am waiting for your creations in the comments below this post! Adn if you have any questions – just ask them – also here.
Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
XoXo Anna Maria


05 Feb 2013

Creative Techniques 03

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This is number 3 of the Creative Techniques from Wilna and she has an incredible video demonstrating a really cool ribbon tutorial. Since we all have hoards of ribbon stashed away let’s give it a try on our next projects. Isn’t she amazing? Thanks Wilna!

30 Jan 2013

Times Up 02: with Stephanie

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Stephanie is back with another tip for how she gets her layouts done during her daughter’s naptime!


Time to complete– 20 minutes, broken into 2 days, 10 minutes each day.

Tip: I made a “kit” of my favorite Dear Lizzy,Basic Grey, and Crate Paper supplies. I picked various embellishments I liked, took them out of the package, and put them in a baggy. When it was time to get to work, I simply pulled embellishments from the bag and surrounded the photo with clusters of the embellishments. Clusters look like more work than they really are, it is an easy way to add visual interest to a layout if you have limited time.  –Stephanie

28 Jan 2013

Creative Techniques 02: with Wilna

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Hi there! Wilna here! I am so happy to bring you this little fun tutorial on playing with moulding paste.
It’s a great way to add some texture to a page and i love the tone on tone effect.

Step 1: I took some plain white card stock and added some paint splatters using Mister Huey’s Pinstripe color mists. The supplies you need is some moulding paste and a craft stick.

Step 2: Spread some of the moulding paste in a top and bottom strip using the craft stick. Let it dry for about 2 minutes.

Step 3: Using the back of a tick needle or a thin sharp object, lightly draw in the moulding paste. The paste is wet enough still to “erase” and do it again if you make a mistake.

Step 4: Once the paste is dry, you can add your embellishments and finish the page.

25 Jan 2013

Layering Tips: with Anna Maria

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Anna Maria is going to share some of her tips for layering on her projects… Take it away Anna…

Everything you have :: a few words about layering.

I have thought that I shall start from sharing with you something that is a common feature of my works, still not so much complicated. I have decided to acquaint you with a “layering” technique, or creating the composition of a work on various, multiple layers.

The layers in my works are structured on various planes – these are diverse, applied layer by layer media and paper elements. Today I would like to focus on the latter, leaving the media for some other time.

What materials can be used to create layers.

The answer is – anything you have at hand, any available paper scraps, pages from notebooks, clothing labels, tracing paper, tissue paper, fabric, tags, labels, stickers, paper bags, envelopes, threads, and any other possible “rubbish”.

There are countless possibilities – you are limitied only by your imagination and the contents of your drawers.

To create the layers of the work described below, I used: a fragment of a folded paper bag, some pages torn out of a notebook, scrapbooking paper, tags, ATC, stickers from “5th & Frolic” collection and tangled threads.

How to create layers and what is essential to make them.

Layering means applying subsequent elements of composition onto one another. I prefer working “from detail to whole”. I strat with a picture. Then, using some glue or double-sided adhesive tape, I attach subsequent layers of paper under the photo. Sometimes I try to align the elements along the edge of the picture, other times I concentrate on creating a really big mess. Remeber that not all the layers must closely adhere to each other. It is sufficient if they are attached to each other in two or three places. Thanks to this, the whole work will seem more dimensional. It is also cool to stick some little 3D sponges underneath the final layers (as I did in my work). Then, the effect of dimension is even more visible, which makes the work even more interesting.

As soon as all the layers are arranged and glued, I attach them to the base. Later, I add some elements such as a title, journaling, stamps – you are always bound to find some free space that asks for a sticker or a stamp. You should follow these suggestions with no objections.

Why layering produces such amazing effects.

I do not really know how to answer this question myself. When I look at such dimensional works, I have an impression that thanks to subsequent layers the whole structure is much more interesting. Something is hidden behind something else, some other thing is being pushed to the foreground as if it wanted to say: “I am more attractive”, “My colour is nicer”, “Pay attention to me first!”. You might think that I am a bit round the bend, but these are the impressions I really get while admiring this sort of works. They talk to me, they appeal to me. Their speech leads me through the whole work, starting with the dominant elements (which is usually the photo – the main element of the composition), until the tiniest, the least noticeable details, such as miniature stamps or almost invisible, pastel colour spots. Dimensionality is an instrument that allows me to enter the word of travelling through subsequent layers, and I really think it is wonderful.

And the most important thing about it is that it is so incredibly easy, which is something I hope I have proven to you in this article. You do not need much to have your layout look attractive – you do not need en excess of materials, you might even use scraps and fragments of previously cut papers. It is also a perfect way to create hiding-places for your souvenirs, or private notes.

In my following works I intend to lead you through some more stages of applying layers and I hope you will take to this scrapbooking technique for real.

Thanks for your attention, I cannot wait to see your “layering attempts” – please, share them here, on this blog!

Anna Maria


24 Jan 2013

Mood Board: Lovely Love You

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This was a fun project I put together for Two Peas in a Bucket and my first Garden Girl video. We can find inspiration for our color scheme, titles and elements on our pages in lots of places besides other scrapbook pages. This mood board inspired different parts of my page and I share how in the video below.

18 Jan 2013

Time’s Up 01: Stephanie Howell

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This is the first of a fun series with Stephanie Howell called Time’s Up. Since she is a busy momma of 4 darling girls she is going to share her tips for getting layouts done fast and still looking good. 

So Crazy
Time to complete- 30 minutes in one chunk of time.
Tip- Pick one area of the layout to do a more detailed looking embellishment cluster. It is easy and fast and looks “fancy”.
My title area is my detailed area. In reality,it took about a minute. I added trailing flowers and leaves to add to the “wild” theme.
Supplies: patterned paper: Crate Paper (pink background), Dear Lizzy (blue bird paper, vellum,arrow paper); doily- craft supply; border punch-Jenni Bowlin; stickers-Dear Lizzy (alphabet stickers,love sticker,ampersand,blue and pink border stickers), journaling spot-Jenni Bowlin;flowers-BasicGrey(metal), Dear Lizzy(glitter, blue and pink), enamel dots-My Mind’s Eye, chipboard accents-Dear Lizzy (Polaroid), gold fern-Michael’s

08 Jan 2013

Creative Techniques 01: with Wilna

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Hi there! Wilna here with a fun embellishment tutorial. This is an awesome way to combine some stickers and stamps.
Step 1:
I used some white card stock and used some of Dear Lizzy’s 5th and frolic embellishments and stamps and stacked them on the page in a line.
Step 2:
Next, I used some Mister Huey’s color mist (pin stripe) and a custom mixed pink mist and splattered on the embellishments.
Step 3
Using my Silhouette Cameo, i created the title (font: Pacifico) and cut it out. I used a hot glue gun to adhere the title.
Step 4:
Finish the page with journaling and I stitched around the edges. I love the soft look of this page. The row of embellishments makes for a very interesting element.

04 Sep 2012

Clipboard Inspiration

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My most recent release, 5th & Frolic, includes some darling clipboards! Some are embellished, some are plain and some contain lines for journaling. Hanging in my home and in my office you will find clipboards. I love dressing them up or using them to organize.

Here are some of my products that have clipboards in my most recent release. There are Bits (pieces of cardstock that can be written on or embellished, a darling sticker and stamp. My favorite is the paper!
We hung clipboards in our booth at CHA to continue the theme.