26 Feb 2013

Layering: with Anna-Maria

2 Comments Layering with Anna, Scrapbook Pages 12x12

SPLASH! with Anna-Maria

Next time you receive from me some basis of watercolour painting that enable you to create an unusually attractive background for your layouts.

And now let me share with you the secret of wonderfully ?broken? blots. For this effect use quite a big, round brush (no. 10 at least), moist it with water, then with a significant amount of paint. Placing the brush quite far away from the cardboard (you should preferably put the cardboard on the floor, stand over it and keep the brush high above the ground) wait until the drop of paint falls on the base. It is, naturally, a quite risky method as it is really hard to foresee the final place where the drop falls, but it is, undoubtedly, very spectacular.

I usually begin my work on the layouts with searching for any kind of inspiration: a picture, some fantastic scrapwork which has charmed me and urged to create something equally good, a view from the window, friends, a child, a funny situation. I often get inspired by quotations, poems, melodies ? I love music inspirations! I think they?re most amusing, they evoke my deepest emotions; in music I find the greatest number of colours, hues and shades. On the other hand, words acquaint me with distinct forms: either these very simple, inostensible or, on the contrary, these most sophisticated, baroque ones.

This time I was inspired… (I will add this part of artifcle when I make my layout ) ahhahaha

We are waiting for your huuuuge splashes on the layouts and other creations below this post! I think it’s interesting challenge – you have to try!


Anna-Maria Wolniak


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2 Responses to “Layering: with Anna-Maria”

  1. Antilight says:

    beautiful layout Anna! And thank you for sharing the tip on making this fun splashes!

  2. Tatiana says:

    Thank you, Anna-Maria! I don’t know how to make such big splashes, but know I’ve tried this technique and made new LO:
    Thank you for the great lesson!