25 Jan 2013

Layering Tips: with Anna Maria

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Anna Maria is going to share some of her tips for layering on her projects… Take it away Anna…

Everything you have :: a few words about layering.

I have thought that I shall start from sharing with you something that is a common feature of my works, still not so much complicated. I have decided to acquaint you with a “layering” technique, or creating the composition of a work on various, multiple layers.

The layers in my works are structured on various planes – these are diverse, applied layer by layer media and paper elements. Today I would like to focus on the latter, leaving the media for some other time.

What materials can be used to create layers.

The answer is – anything you have at hand, any available paper scraps, pages from notebooks, clothing labels, tracing paper, tissue paper, fabric, tags, labels, stickers, paper bags, envelopes, threads, and any other possible “rubbish”.

There are countless possibilities – you are limitied only by your imagination and the contents of your drawers.

To create the layers of the work described below, I used: a fragment of a folded paper bag, some pages torn out of a notebook, scrapbooking paper, tags, ATC, stickers from “5th & Frolic” collection and tangled threads.

How to create layers and what is essential to make them.

Layering means applying subsequent elements of composition onto one another. I prefer working “from detail to whole”. I strat with a picture. Then, using some glue or double-sided adhesive tape, I attach subsequent layers of paper under the photo. Sometimes I try to align the elements along the edge of the picture, other times I concentrate on creating a really big mess. Remeber that not all the layers must closely adhere to each other. It is sufficient if they are attached to each other in two or three places. Thanks to this, the whole work will seem more dimensional. It is also cool to stick some little 3D sponges underneath the final layers (as I did in my work). Then, the effect of dimension is even more visible, which makes the work even more interesting.

As soon as all the layers are arranged and glued, I attach them to the base. Later, I add some elements such as a title, journaling, stamps – you are always bound to find some free space that asks for a sticker or a stamp. You should follow these suggestions with no objections.

Why layering produces such amazing effects.

I do not really know how to answer this question myself. When I look at such dimensional works, I have an impression that thanks to subsequent layers the whole structure is much more interesting. Something is hidden behind something else, some other thing is being pushed to the foreground as if it wanted to say: “I am more attractive”, “My colour is nicer”, “Pay attention to me first!”. You might think that I am a bit round the bend, but these are the impressions I really get while admiring this sort of works. They talk to me, they appeal to me. Their speech leads me through the whole work, starting with the dominant elements (which is usually the photo – the main element of the composition), until the tiniest, the least noticeable details, such as miniature stamps or almost invisible, pastel colour spots. Dimensionality is an instrument that allows me to enter the word of travelling through subsequent layers, and I really think it is wonderful.

And the most important thing about it is that it is so incredibly easy, which is something I hope I have proven to you in this article. You do not need much to have your layout look attractive – you do not need en excess of materials, you might even use scraps and fragments of previously cut papers. It is also a perfect way to create hiding-places for your souvenirs, or private notes.

In my following works I intend to lead you through some more stages of applying layers and I hope you will take to this scrapbooking technique for real.

Thanks for your attention, I cannot wait to see your “layering attempts” – please, share them here, on this blog!

Anna Maria


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  3. Deb says:

    Love your page and that photo is stunning! Thanks for sharing. Definitely going to try this idea as I have always worked from the base page up to the photo but this makes more sense.

  4. Jen Kinkade says:

    stunning & lovely as always!!! xo

  5. Angelina - JoJo and Eloise says:

    I love the Doily on the bottom and the black and white striped paper. The overall color combination is very pretty. :) I am thinking I need to start getting some of my photos printed out. : ) Love!! and thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. Candace Robichaud says:

    your work is always stunning. Thanks for the info, I will play around with layers tonight!

  7. Hoy y siempre scrapbooking says:

    I’m a follower of Anna Maria’s work and I like very much this post about how does her layouts with layering technique, I thought that it was difficult for me but now I want try it!. Thanks for sharing it !!!



  8. Wanda Peña says:

    gorgeous!! hermoso!!!!

  9. Kelly Jean says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I’m still learning how to layer, so I loved coming across this. Your layout is gorgeous!

  10. Olivia says:

    So beautiful! Thanks for sharing your tips :)

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  12. Anna-Maria says:

    Thank you so much girls! Maybe you have any questions about this article?

  13. Stacyk says:

    I love love love your work. I could stare at it for days! Definitely want to try incorporating more layering in my work. Thank you for the tutorial.

  14. Msaula says:

    Gorgeous! Thank you for the tips and the inspiration!

  15. Amy Mallory says:

    Your layering is amazing, Anna-Maria! I am a digi scrapper, but I am so inspired by your beautiful paper pages!!! Fabulous article and I can’t wait to see more!!!

  16. Tabitha says:

    Thank you for sharing this lovely descriptive post about your layering process. I am wanting to constantly challenge myself to be a better scrapbooker. My question is this: How do you make it look as though your pictures, layering and embellishments just fell onto your page? It really looks so effortless but I know there is great intention to each piece. When I’ve tried this I see it as just looking messy…..I know I have a lot to learn but that’s why I’m in love with this new blog so I can learn and grow….your comments are much appreciated!

    • Anna-Maria says:

      Hi Sweetie! So sorry but I really can’t teach you how to mixed these layers… I can only tell you taht you should choose neutral colours and only a few pops of colour or bold pattern but they should siut perfectly to the picture.

  17. SorayaMAES says:

    Amazing Ania!!! LOVE it!