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01 Dec 2012

No 4: You Are Loved Mini Book

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This book is for the baby so it’s the perfect place to share when I first found out and when I told Collin.
My story is not as exciting as Collin’s. I found out in the bathroom after taking a pregnancy test. Sat there for a few minutes and then freaked out… laughing squealing like a crazy person. I didn’t tell Collin for several days because we were going on a trip with just us and I wanted to tell him in a fun way. I love a good secret so it was quite fun to be the only one who knew even for a little while.

I told Collin on our mini vacation to LA with no kids … We had just gotten off the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. It was incredible weather, we were holding hands looking over the water and a pregnant girl walked by and I just had a feeling it was time. He was shocked. Tears, laughing, lots of “Are you serious???!!! Are you kidding me?!” That was fun! haha



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