30 Nov 2011

Party Designers: Wilna Furstenberg

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My name is Wilna Furstenberg. (Wilna pronounced with a V) Let me tell you some of my story. I grew up in South Africa, in 1991 I met and married Jaco. When we got married, he was second year medical school and a year into the marriage, I decided to go to University as well (he was having way too much fun) and we both graduated in 1996: he in medicine and me in fine arts. In 1997 we had our first girl, Tia. Even today we wonder what we did to deserve such a sweet child. Of course I tell my husband she takes after me. His response to that remark was not very gentlemanly (which just proves my point). Anyway, in 1999 Kirstin was born. She is the organizer and fashionista in the house. She also has the sunniest personality ever. Jana (from our names JAco and wilNA) is our last born. I think if I was not as strong willed as I am, Jana would have her own credit card and cell phone at age 5. In 2005 we immigrated to Canada. It’s not a joke that the only reason I came willingly was to enter the CK scrapbooking hall of fame. And in 2006 I won HOF. After that I have just been making pages and enjoying the journey. We live in Saskatchewan: it really gets very cold here (-40 degrees celsius). Jana learned early on not to lick the fencepost when it’s that cold. We have two adorable Mini schnauzers. Abby and Mac. Yes, i love everything Mac (make-up, computers and the dog).  A last few facts about me: I homeschool our girls. It’s one of the best things I ever decided to do…i love it! I am a nerd and a bit of a geek. I love coffee, cooking and zumba… (in that order). I love taking photos. I blog. Currently I am a garden girl at 2peas.
Much Love!

I scrapbook because it’s my daily gratitude journal. My prayer journal. My creative outlet, my visual poetry, my dreams documented and looking back, the container of my tears.

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